MetaVision is a propositional, experiential artwork. These images show a scaled model of the proposed 7m x 7m circular screen.

MetaVision riffs on Plato’s Cave as an allegory for the gaining of knowledge through the conformity of representation, and frames contemporary systems of information, self and value structures perceived visually through two dimensional screen/projection technology. In contrast to the ubiquitous format of the framed picture, the image is rear projected into that of a contrasting ideal form, or idea – the circle. In a (proposed) ‘human-sized‘ incarnation, the interactor is located singularly, centrally and intrinsically to the artefact’s agency, where questions of self-referentiality and autonomy might come into play.

 As the interactor moves their body, so too does the delayed projections, and self presentation disappears into a perpetual, visual feedback loop, into the fog of atrophy and entropy.  Commonly, the veracity and superficiality of the digital image to describe the phenomenological and embodied experience are called into question. The flickering shadows are instead lurid ameliorations of life, and equally as ephemeral.